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  • Q. What is Hosting?
  • A. This is where your Website (normally an on-line version of your Corporate Brochure) is stored on a Computer that is permanently connected to the World Wide Web for everyone to see.
  • We have been able to offer our customers a better way of 'Hosting' their sites than they did previously, with more control over their Statistics (i.e. Who, When, How many & How often people are visiting their pages) and normally at a greatly reduced cost.
  • We offer an Easy way to set up and manage your website without it costing too much.


Save money by Transfering your Website to our servers
10 x Professional e-mail addresses
( plus 9 more!) * (Please see * below)
  FREE 1GB Web Space
a MASSIVE 500MB Bandwidth per month
Easy to use Control Panel to manage & set up your account from anywhere in the world!
FREE WebMail that lets you access your e-mail from any connected PC in the world
all for Only 29.99 a year!

    This offer is based on a 2 year contract, paid yearly.By purchasing this package you agree to these Terms.
All prices require VAT to be added.

* Domain (Web) Names are charged separately, please see DomainNamesPage.php for further information

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